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Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing is a service we provide to those customers that have particular needs for their promotional products or other products that require production with particular requisites, not available with stock products already made. These may include modifications of existing item or productions of a complete new product.

In this section and as part of our services, we provide assistance also to inventors and entrepreneurs with their new inventions or newly designed products, either at conceptual or more advanced stage. It is essential for any new invention to be treated in the appropriate way, so you , the inventor, can utilize our assistance and expertise to save money and time. We are glad you have reached this page in researching information about Custom Manufacturing, Inventor assistance, Invention prototypes and associated processes and services. Cuspro offers a versatile and extensive range of services geared to assist Individual Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Small & Medium Size Companies with: 2D & 3D Graphics, Color Renderings, CAD Graphics, Prototype Service, Tooling, Packaging, Manufacturing & Delivery to final destination.

  Contact us by e-mail at and provide the specifics of your request. For the protection of inventors and their invention, we provide upon request, a Non-Disclosure-Agreement.

Whether you need to have your sketch turned into a graphic representation so that your product will start to come alive, or you need to turn it into a CAD Graphic thus you can proceed to production or, you already have a product that needs to be Custom Manufactured or, you have a new Invention and want to elaborate your product and advance to the next stage, we, at Cuspro, can assist you.


Assistance is provided to Inventors with their new inventions; We provide Graphic Services including Sketches, Color Renderings, 3D/Tri-Dimensional and CAD Graphics necessary for the various steps of the process; Prototype Service for a large variety of products. For specific information on our Prototype Services contact us with your detailed specifications.

Additionally we offer Manufacturing Services for a large variety of products. Inventors alike Individual Entrepreneurs or Small - Medium Size Companies Manufacturing Business to have their Invention or Custom Product manufactured Overseas at competitive prices. We assist our customers in every step of the process from Graphics and Prototypes, to Manufacturing, Packaging, Shipping and Delivery of the finished products. We give our customers peace of mind!


Why choose us?

We take a step-by-step approach in developing your project and all the steps are clearly defined. Each step is eventually broken down and transparent and we provide you an itemized cost of each one of them.

We assist our clients with all the tools needed to take each project from "Inception to Completion". From graphics, to prototype, to manufacturing, to finished product. You will have peace of mind and be working with one source for the entire project thus saving time and money and with less complicated logistics as we take care of it all.

We are a totally independent company with high ethical values and we want to assure you that our solutions are made in the best interest of our customers. We believe in building trust and collaborating with you in all aspects of your business in order to achieve your business goals. We can integrate with your line of work through our versatile experience and modern ideas and create personalized solutions based on your needs and wants.

Our aim is to help you achieve your personal goals.