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Non-Woven Promotional Totes are lightweight and sturdy totes that come in many different sizes, colors and styles. Non-Woven Promotional Totes are the perfect response to the ban on plastic shopping bags as they are re-usable, recyclable and Eco-friendly . Show your support for the environment with these mobile advertising billboards. Perfect for trade-shows, shopping giveaways, retail stores, home service businesses, travel agencies, hotels, car dealers. Styles include Grocery totes, Beach totes, Wine totes, Insulated totes, Laminated totes, T-Shirt style to name a few. Construction material non-woven polypropylene from 60 gsm to 110 gsm.

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Tiny Tote (Mini Polypro Tote)
Item No.6640-23
PolyPro Convention Tote
Item No.2150-04
PolyPro Convention Tote
Item No.2150-04
PolyPro Non-Woven Gift Tote
Item No.2150-20
PolyPro Small Shopper Tote
Item No.2150-42
PolyPro Big Grocery Tote
Item No.2150-38
PolyPro Cinch
Item No.2150-98
PolyPro Stripes Tote
Item No.2150-30
Tavola Laminated Single Wine Tote
Item No.1025-64
PolyPro Strong Arm Tote
Item No.2150-39
PolyPro Little Grocery Tote
Item No.2150-49
PolyPro Non-Woven Pocket Tote
Item No.2150-21
PolyPro Foldable Tote
Item No.2150-40
PolyPro Contrast Carry-All Tote
Item No.2150-44
PolyPro Mammoth Shopper Tote
Item No.2150-05

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